• Will Blake

Trendspotting: Meal Kits, Recipe Boxes, Produce Boxes

Which is right for me?

Welcome to Tee House Catering Co Ltd May 2020 blog post. This month we have featured the explosive impact on Covid-19 and the choices that are out there for us to choose from.

What is a meal kit, recipe box, produce box?

The three terms we use in this post do get a bit blurry around the edges, and you’ll see lots of restaurants using different terminology than this post. But categorising them is a worthwhile exercise because the value proposition is very different for each one – and it’s really important to have a coherent brand proposition to encourage people to buy. Here’s our thoughts on each of them one by one.

Will J Blake, Managing Partner @ Ogav Ltd reviews this - 10 min read | May 15 2020


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